Pregnancy Specialist
Pregnancy planning is best done with a doctor who makes sure the patient has everything they need for a healthy delivery. Dr. Alex Ferro, OB-GYN, helps Miami, FL women with pre- and post-natal care, and labor & delivery in the most supportive way possible.

Pregnancy Planning Q & A

What Should Pregnancy Care Include at the OB GYN's Office?

Dr. Alex Ferro believes that pregnancy care should be comprehensive. For that reason, he strives to make it as easy as possible for pregnant women to have all the services that they need under one roof. He offers lab testing in-house, which allows for fast results. Ultrasounds are also performed on-site, which provides a familiar and comfortable environment for patients as they see their baby for the first time. All prenatal and postnatal care is performed on-site and necessary perinatal services as well as genetic counseling are available on campus. Dr. Ferro has privileges at Mount Sinai Medical Center so when it's time to deliver the baby, the mother can deliver her baby with peace of mind and the option of anesthesia available 24 hours a day, and all post partum rooms are private. If needed, a highly regarded neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is available for the babies who need extra medical attention when they are born. 

What is the Prenatal Visit Schedule?

The prenatal visit schedule can vary by patient, according to the specific needs of the mom and the baby. For most healthy pregnancies, Dr. Ferro will recommend that between weeks 4 and 28 visits be scheduled once a month. Between weeks 28 and 36, the prenatal visits will increase in frequency, usually occurring every 2 weeks during this timespan. After week 36, the visits will typically continue once per week until the baby is born.

How Important is Nutrition During Pregnancy?

Good nutrition is essential during pregnancy. Dr. Ferro will recommend healthy eating guidelines and will typically prescribe prenatal supplements that will help mom and baby stay healthy for the entire pregnancy. There is an online store on Dr. Ferro's website. From there, patients can order all the necessary supplements that are recommended. This provides you with safe, top of the line products and the convenience of home delivery. There are certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy, for example, sushi and any other undercooked or raw foods. A healthy mother will be better able to grow a healthy baby, so pregnant women should always strive to follow Dr. Ferro’s nutritional recommendations as closely as possible. 

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