• How Low Testosterone Impacts Weight Gain

    on Jun 7th, 2018

How Low Testosterone Impacts Weight Gain

If you’re hitting the gym regularly, eating relatively healthy, and still gaining weight, or you’re having trouble shedding pounds, it could be your hormones. Low testosterone affects one in four men over the age of 30, and many are unaware that their levels have dipped below normal. If your libido has taken a nosedive, and your energy levels have dropped, it’s worth it to meet with a specialist. With the proper diagnosis and hormone replacement therapy, you can lose weight and restore your vitality.

Importance of testosterone and why it declines

Testosterone is a sex hormone responsible for male characteristics. Although women produce some testosterone, they only make a small amount. In men, testosterone is a key player in male reproduction and is also responsible for retaining bone mass and preventing osteoporosis.

A man’s testosterone levels peak around the age of 20. After age 30, it’s natural to experience a gradual decline. Some men mistakenly believe that their weight gain and decreased sex drive are simply due to getting older. However, a gradual decline shouldn’t cause a significant drop in sexual interest or cause you to pack on pounds. This may be a sign that your testosterone levels are below normal for your age.

How to know if your testosterone is too low

The first step is to see a specialist like Dr. Alex Ferro and have your hormones evaluated. Dr. Ferro specializes in men’s and women’s reproductive health and has the expertise necessary to evaluate your hormones and determine whether your testosterone is too low.

Dr. Ferro will rule out any underlying medical issues such as liver disease and type 2 diabetes that may be causing your symptoms. Low testosterone can affect your health in ways that go beyond weight gain. It increases your risk of heart disease, depression, and bone problems to name a few.

A normal testosterone range is 300-1,000 ng/dl, and something is usually off if you have a level of 200 or lower. Look out for these common low testosterone signs:

Testosterone and weight gain

Testosterone helps you build and retain muscle and plays a role in fat storage and fat distribution, all of which impact your weight. The loss of muscle mass in men with low testosterone affects metabolism and the number of calories burned. When your muscle mass drops, so does your metabolism, making it easier to gain weight.

Additionally, because testosterone influences where you store fat, low levels of this hormone are linked to excess fat in the abdominal area, which raises your risk for heart disease. In a cruel twist, excess fat impairs your body’s ability to utilize testosterone effectively, setting off a vicious cycle.

Testosterone replacement

The good news is, men who have low testosterone and struggle with weight tend to experience significant weight loss once on testosterone therapy as it corrects the amount of testosterone in your body. This helps you build and retain muscle and shed extra fat. Combined with moderate exercise and a healthy diet, you should see an improvement in your weight and other low testosterone symptoms.

To discuss testosterone replacement therapy and find out if it’s the right option for you, call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferro, or book online.

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