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How Low Testosterone Impacts Weight Gain Jun 7th, 2018

How Low Testosterone Impacts Weight GainIf you’re hitting the gym regularly, eating relatively healthy, and still gaining weight, or you’re having trouble shedding pounds, it could be your hormones. Low testosterone affects one in four men over the age of 30, and many are unaware that their levels have dipped...

Can Testosterone Therapy Increase My Energy? Apr 19th, 2018

Can Testosterone Therapy Increase My Energy?Are you finding it harder to muster energy throughout your day, even when you’re faced with something you normally love to do? If you’re begging off of your weekly golf outing with the boys because your energy levels are at an all-time low, you may...

8 Signs that Your Testosterone May Be Too Low Mar 16th, 2018

Maybe you feel tired all the time. Maybe you lost the spark in the bedroom, or the drive you once had has seemed to disappear. Maybe the changes have nothing to do with sex, but you just feel less like you.When you begin to notice a loss in vitality and...

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